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There are a lot of Moringa Oleifera uses!

When it comes to Moringa tree leaf, there are many companies that have introduced Moringa Oleifera to the marketplace. Most people who have expereince both products find that Zija is more useful and efficacious than the product Zinga. The author of the article below tends to disagree.
moringa oleifera uses

How to Take Advantage of the Fabulous Moringa Tree Leaf
By Michael Harvey

Powdered Moringa tree leaf is the world’s greatest unknown supplement. It’s use in the United States has only just begun. In Africa and India it’s a very well known spice used in cooking and teas for many hundreds of years. Most people in those countries are well aware of Moringa’s health and energy benefits. As Americans become wise to this amazing supplement they are stymied as to how to ingest it.

One company called Zija has put the leaf into a drink form. Another company called Moringa Zinga has put it into a capsule form. By searching hard you can also find it available on the internet in it’s raw form for use in cooking or teas. Some companies sell the seeds and some companies sell Moringa oil. But the part of the Moringa tree that is most potent is the pure powdered leaf. Both Zija and Moringa Zinga use the pure powdered Moringa tree leaf in their products so this article will help you reach an objective decision as to which one is best for you or whether buying the leaf raw for cooking is more your style.

The Moringa drink called Zija contains all the parts of the Moringa tree and other ingredients such as chlorophyll. It’s a “proprietary” formula, which means that their recipe is their own, much like coca-cola. So it’s hard to know what’s exactly in it to compare with other moringa leaf products. It’s a totally natural source of over 90 vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients including multiple antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. The company claims that one 5.5 oz. can per day yields the following benefits:


Nourishes Body’s Immune System

Promotes Healthy Circulatory System


Provides a Sense of Well-Being

Supports Normal Blood Glucose Levels

Promotes Healthy Digestion

Increases Energy

Enhances Skin Health

Promotes Normal Liver and Kidney Function

Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Promotes Normal Serum Cholesterol

Promotes Healthy Cell Structure

Nourishes the Eyes and Brain

Triggers Metabolism with Bioavailable Ingredients

Promotes Body’s Natural Defenses

Zija is the first company to include the Moringa leaf in a health drink. Many more will probably follow. The next generation of Moringa tree leaf vendors, seeking to improve the health of fast paced Americans, will be selling Moringa in its pure, powdered, encapsulated form. Just as Zija is the first company to put Moringa leaf into a drink, Moringa Zinga is the first company to put the pure powdered Moringa leaf into a capsule.

If you want an apple do you settle for fruit salad? If you want the incredible benefits of the potent moringa leaf do you settle for a “formula” that contains just a bit of leaf? There is more pure powdered Moringa leaf in one capsule of Moringa Zinga than there is in one can of Zija.

Just like Zija, Moringa Zinga is an excellent source of nutrition and is a natural energy booster. This energy boost is not based on sugar so it is sustained. It is also great for endurance and mental clarity but it has many, many other benefits. People report their immune system strengthened, skin condition restored, blood pressure controlled, headaches and migraines handled, diabetes sugar level managed, inflammations and arthritis pains reduced, tumors restricted and ulcers healed.

The capsules made by Moringa Zinga are 100% all natural, organic, and the capsules themselves are all vegetarian. This product is so safe that athletes and entertainment performers take as many as 10-20 capsules for performance enhancing reasons even though 1-4 capsules are the recommended daily dosage.

Whether you chose Zija or Moringa Zinga or buy the leaf raw for cooking or teas, you’ve made a great decision for the quality of your life. Moringa leaf is totally safe. It’s used by the World Health Organization to treat malnourished babies. Within a month after daily usage of moringa, infants with distended bellies and orange hair return to normal. If it’s safe for use in babies it’s certainly going to be safe for adults. Can’t get any safer than that!

The most informative website on pure powdered Moringa Tree leaf can be found at For athletes, performers, and anyone seeking a gentle energy boost.

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Moringa tree leaf powder is a real superfood that is loaded with health and nutrition. When comparing powder vs tablets, the better choice is the powder format, due to the fact that the benefits of Moringa leaf powder are a lot more noticable when consumed.

Moringa leaf powder is one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world. The Moringa Oleifera is thought about a miracle tree since of its potent health and wellness benefits, considering that every part of it has a medical or dietary use.

When used in powder type rather compared to taken in pills, supplementing your diet plan with Moringa oleifera leaf powder is a healthy and balanced option and your body will take pleasure in greater benefits.

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